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YIFH Shul Attendance Guidelines

Updated: February 10, 2021

Dear Members,


Effective immediately, the following are the updated policies regarding COVID-19 in our Shul:

1. Everyone is now welcome to come join us in Shul. For those who are higher risk, we ask that you consult with your medical professional prior to returning to Shul, but note that all of our guidelines are within New York State regulation and under strict medical direction.

2. Masks covering both one’s mouth and nose are required at all times when in the Shul building. There are no exceptions to this rule. Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave Shul.

3. All Siddurim, Chumashim and Seforim of the Shul are available for use in the Shul. We just ask that, when possible, one washes his or her hands or uses hand sanitizer before and after use of these Seforim.

4. We have labeled specific seats for people to sit in in the Main Sanctuary. They are spaced out so that we adhere to physical distancing. If someone from your ‘bubble’ joins you at Shul, he or she can sit in the seat immediately next to you.

Seats in the GBM and Ballroom are set up physically distanced. Please do not add or move chairs without permission of a Shul Officer. If someone from your ‘bubble’ joins you at Shul, you may set up a chair for him or her immediately next to your seat.

5. Until further notice, all Chazzanim are to daven from the Bimah in the middle of the Shul. This applies to the Main Sanctuary, the Ballroom and the GBM.

6. Now that all our sanctuaries have Bimah dividers, Aliyot are to be given out in their normal procedure. The Ba’al Aliyah can hold the Eitz Chayim of the Torah from his side of the divider. After the Ba’al Aliyah finishes his Aliyah, he should return to his seat and NOT stay up by the Bimah for the next Aliyah as well.

7. Pesicha, Hagbah & Gelila can now be given out in their normal procedures. Need not the Ba’al Koreh get all of these Kibbudim. When possible, two members of the same ‘bubble’ should get Hagbah and Gelila.

8. Preceding and proceeding Davening, Shiurim or other functions in the Shul building, one should immediately leave the building and not congregate in the coatroom, lobby or other common areas.

9. Children are welcome to come to Shul, as long as the child can sit down next to a parent or grandparent and wear his or her mask for the duration of Davening. There are to be no children wandering around during any point of Davening or Shiurim.

10. If one travels outside the New York area (defined by New York State as NY, NJ, CT, PA or DE), he or she must not return to the Shul for ten (10) days. However, if he or she obtains a COVID test within three days of departure from their destination, quarantines for three (3) days upon return, and then gets another COVID test on day four (4) back in New York and both tests come back negative, he or she will be allowed to return to Shul.

11. If someone was tested positive for COVID-19, before returning back to Shul, he or she must wait ten (10) days from either start of symptoms or his or her first positive COVID-19 test, whichever is sooner; must be fever-free for 24 hours; and his or her symptoms must be improving.

12. If one had known exposure, as defined by the CDC, to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, he or she must not return to Shul for seven (7) days and must monitor his or her symptoms during those seven days. He or she need not get a negative test in order to return to Shul but should not return to Shul shall symptoms arise.

13. There will be hand sanitizer available in both sanctuaries of the Shul and the Ballroom, as well as the coatroom and lobby, for those who would like to make use of it.

While we work extremely hard to make the Shul a safe environment for all, we ask that everyone fully adhere to these rules, in order to make everyone as comfortable as possible. As the situation is fluid and more information comes out, we will adjust our policies to keep our Shul as safe as possible for its members.

We ask anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and was in the Shul within two (2) days of developing symptoms, to please contact the Shul office, so that we can let those who were in the same areas as you know. We do this in order to put a halt to the possible spread of the virus to other members of the Shul. We will respect your privacy and keep your name anonymous if you choose, but please do your part in helping contain the spread of COVID-19 within our Shul and our community.

Anyone who decides to attend any Minyan, Shiur or function in the Shul building understands that it is his or her own choice to do so, and that he or she therefore releases the Shul from any and all liability for any unintentional exposure or personal harm, and that he or she accepts the aforementioned guidelines to its full extent.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Shul in a safe matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us and we will address your matter with the utmost confidence and with full confidentiality.


Thank you for understanding,

Rabbi Ashie Schreier

Jacob Herenstein, President

Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781