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We have an incredible and vast array of Shiurim every week at Young Israel of Forest Hills, both in person and virtually. All Shiurim are open to the entire community, and we welcome everyone to join us as we turn our Mikdash Me'at into a Makom Torah.


Weekly Shiurim

Rabbi Friedman's Talmud Shiur: Sundays at 8:45am

In-person in the Gluck Beis Medrash

Rabbi Chaim Wagner's Tanach Shiur: Mondays at 8:15pm

Via Zoom (

Rabbi Friedman's Parsha Shiur: Wednesdays after Ma'ariv

In-person in the Gluck Beis Medrash and via Zoom (

Rabbi Freidman's Teshuva Shiur: Shabbos afternoon, 30 minutes prior to Mincha

**For sponsorship opportunities on any of these individual Shiurim, please fill out this form. For Shiur program sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Shul office**


WhatsApp Shiurim

To join the Yaffa Gluck a"h Pirkei Avos Program with Rabbi Friedman, please click here.

**For sponsorship opportunities on the WhatsApp Shiurim, either program or individual Shiur sponsors, please fill out this form or contact the Shul office**


Apple Podcasts

To access Rabbi Friedman's It's Genius Podcast, please click here.

To access Rabbi Friedman's Chidushei HaRambam Podcast, please click here.

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